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Lip balms, with Biodynamic herbs by Pippettes


Pippettes own range of lipbalms made with biodynamic herbs.

10g and 5g. In three varieties:

Elderflower and Marigold: Using our home grown Biodynamic and Organic infused Elderflower and Calendula oils with additions of olive, rosehip and castor oil to soften, gloss and plump those dry chapped chops.

Wild Mint and Nettle: Our Biodynamic, Organic Hedgerow Herbs: Nettle, Mint and Rosehips are dried and infused into this delicate, tingly, cooling balm. For yummy minty lips

Berry & Rosehip: Using our Biodynamic and Organic infused St John’s Wort, Yarrow and Marshmallow oils plus beetroot and berry extracts.
Antiviral (cold sore)
Anti inflammatory
Moisturising, super glossy with a berry smack.

We aim for zero waste, using biodegradable and sustainable materials.

Our mail orders are sent in biodegradeable and paper based packaging, which can in turn be recycled or composted.

Our candles come in reusable glass containers.

We are working with our suppliers so they meet our high environmental standards.

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