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Clay Masks by Pippettes


Green Clay: (fine, sun-dried)
For normal/ oily skin

Ingredients: 100% Illite clay

Pink Clay: (fine, sun-dried)
for dry/ sensitive skin

Ingredients: 100% Illite/Kaolin clay

Kaolin Clay: (Fine, sun dried)
sensitive / normal skin

Ingredients: Kaolin clay

Rasul Moroccan Soap Clay: Dry, sensitive skin

A cleansing clay ideal for sensitive skin or those who cannot tolerate detergents.
Absorbs dirt and oils from the skin, hair and scalp.

Ingredients: Moroccan Lava clay

Bentonite Clay: For normal, greasy, tired skin

A soothing clay with some of the highest clay mineral levels.  Traditionally used as a poultice and in a bath to detoxify and remove inflammation. Recommended as a deep cleansing face mask and topical acne treatment.

Ingredients: Montmorillonite

We aim for zero waste, using biodegradable and sustainable materials.

Our mail orders are sent in biodegradeable and paper based packaging, which can in turn be recycled or composted.

Our candles come in reusable glass containers.

We are working with our suppliers so they meet our high environmental standards.

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