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Medicament of merry - Gin Infusion 15g

Botanical Aromatic Infusion 
A concoction of spices and berries to add humour to Gin, Vodka, Cordial or Water
Directions: Remove bag and lightly crush botanicals within bag. Replace in bottle.
Full bodied (Alcoholic):  add  gin or vodka to bottle and let the aromatic botanicals perform their magic. Infuse for just a couple of hours to a couple of weeks depending on taste buds. Remove cotton bag -  reuse immediately on second batch or discard. Enjoy the colourful concoction with tonic or preferred mixer. 
Virgin: (Non- alcoholic).  Add cordial (eg: elderflower) sugar syrup or water to bottle and infuse for a few hours or overnight. Remove bag of herbs. Keep in fridge and dilute with sparkling water or tonic. Use within 48 hours.
Sloe berries, Juniper berries, cardamom, coriander, pink pepper, persian lime, angelica. Not for consumption only infusion. 15g.
Comes with Organic cotton bag,

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