Organic Essential Oil Candles by Pippettes - 25hrs

£19.99 £22.50
100% natural organic essential oil vegetable wax candles

Our lovely organic essential oil Study (rosemary) and Slumber (lavender) candles are now in stock.

Using our natural vegetable wax mix in a 250ml Miron glass deep violet jar. These Miron jars are very special as they are made of a particularly dense, violet glass that ensures no light enters. This is especially important when storing medicines, herbs and spices as block light (even through the lid) and keep the oxidative processes at a minimum.

Once you have enjoyed the candle and it’s at the end of it’s life, remove the wick, wash out the jar and reuse - or bring it back to us for a £1 refund.

Delivery and returns

Our policy on delivery and returns


We aim for zero waste, using biodegradable and sustainable materials.

Our mail orders are sent in biodegradeable and paper based packaging, which can in turn be recycled or composted.

Our candles come in reusable glass containers.

We are working with our suppliers so they meet our high environmental standards.

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