How can I get rid of a headache naturally?

Part 1: Make a massage oil

It’s fun, cost effective and immensely satisfying to make your own skincare products. Even more so when they have the therapeutic benefit of helping to get rid of a headache.

Research tells us that historically Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary and Eucalyptus have all been effectively used to help ease a headache and alleviate muscular tension.

To get started, first choose your base oil; Pippettes golden Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Argan or Sunflower are all good choices as they’re light, easily absorbed and have virtually no odour. We would avoid the heavier oils like Olive, Avocado, Hemp and Castor as the oil won’t flow as well and they’re quite sticky unless combined.

Now choose your essential oils:

Most likely the most used oil for relieving muscle tension, easing a headache and for overall relaxation. A tincture of lavender called “Palsy Drops” was commonly prescribed by physicians for its abilities to relieve muscle spasms, nervousness, and get rid of headaches. The drops were listed and recognised by the British Pharmacopoeia for more than 200 years until the 1940s. More recently studies have proven the power of lavender to aid relaxation, sleep and even depression, and a 2012 study suggests that the inhalation of lavender essential oil can be a safe and effective treatment to manage migraine headaches and get rid of tension headaches.


A wonderful oil with it’s stimulating and minty fragrance that not only encourages blood flow but also has a cooling effect due to its active ingredient, menthol. Research papers published in 2015 showed that peppermint is an effective herb to help get rid of a headache. One paper found that menthol may be effective in treating migraines when applied to the head as a gel and another reviewed all the published papers linking peppermint oil to the treatment of headaches and confirmed that applying peppermint oil (always diluted in a carrier oil) to the temples and forehead provides relief from tension headaches. It seems that the simple act of massaging menthol coolness on the back of the head, wrists and temples can get rid of the toughest tension headaches.


Traditionally used for its ability to assist concentration, relieve headaches and stimulate circulation, there are few studies that specifically support rosemary oil as an effective headache treatment. However, a 2008 study suggests that rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties which could help to alleviate a tension headache.


Eucalyptus is traditionally used to clear sinuses and reduce inflammation. People experiencing headaches due to blocked sinuses may find that an inhalation using eucalyptus reduces their symptoms. Furthermore, eucalyptus contains menthol which we know can help get rid of a tension headache. Try our Gum Tree Health Salts as an easy way to perform a salt steam.

Soothing massage oil to ease a headache

100 ml Jojoba, Argan, Sweet Almond or Sunflower oil

1 ml Lavender oil

1 ml Peppermint oil

You can vary your essential oil combinations but basically maintain a ratio of 2ml essential oil to 100ml carrier oil (1ml = 20 drops so you can add a total of 40 drops to your 100ml carrier oil). Combine and pour your massage oil ingredients into a dropper bottle (we sell them) and apply to skin as required. Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the scent and breathe deeply as this is part of what helps to alleviate tension in the muscles and dissipate stress.

For added benefit combine with our 6 Spice Balm, a warming wonder balm for aches and pains, strains and sprains.

*This article is not providing diagnostic or therapeutic advice; always consult your medical practitioner.

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