Our first Biodynamic Organic inspection





Thankfully the sun was shining on us when the lovely inspector arrived today. We were extremely nervous even though we had undergone the same Demeter inspection at our farm In New Zealand; it never gets easier. We walked around the farm and discussed what organic herbs we are currently growing in the glasshouse and what botanicals will be growing in the beds this season, where they will be placed and how we plan to tackle the large meadow (pigs, cattle, green manure, and sheep were discussed). But then she mentioned the unmentionable – goats. NO GOATS (after our two goats in New Zealand, Gary and Neville, singlehandedly ate every removable part from the exterior of my car). We also discussed how we would fertilise and improve the soil and care for all the flora and fauna.

Pippettes Farm is a perfect pint-sized model for biodynamic farming. Surrounded by high hedges of Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dogwood and Elders with Birch, Cherry and Oak trees interspersed; this provides a necessary home for the wildlife, gives shade to livestock and forms a barrier and protection against external threats such as spray from the neighbouring arable fields on one side.
The barn, which is currently being redeveloped into our therapy rooms, offices, stock room, a new manufacturing facility for our organic skincare, and the natural soy candle pouring room, collects the necessary rain water on the roof which is pumped up the meadow into holding tanks to then be gravity-fed to all our needy plants in the summer.


Our infused organic herbal and floral oils are in production and currently being used in our balms, face oils and body oils.

Our newest additions in production testing include our Nettle and Comfrey Joint Balm. With additions of St Johns Wort, Black Pepper and Horsemint, it is a fantastic balm to help reduce inflammation, soothe achy joints, arthritis, sciatica, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain and sore tendons and muscles.

For acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis we are testing an enriching serum and balm with our own Centella (Gotu Kola) and Kawa Kawa (NZ herb) botanicals which have been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce scarring and increase cell regeneration and healing.

Watch this space for free samples in a few weeks time! 


Just received my lovely shampoo bars and they smell delicious! I love them thank you

Mandy Thompson September 17, 2020

Please tell me where your farm is.
Thank you.

Bella January 02, 2019

Hi, looking forward to placing an order for Yule pressies xxx

Tina March 02, 2019

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