We aim for Zero waste. We supply our products in glass, with ground glass stoppers where possible and use cardboard and paper. We wrap in paper and linen bags where required. Our labels are currently in transition to biodegradable.



We offer carton refills for salts and bath gels that you can use with your original stopper bottle. Soon we hope to offer a refill service where you bring the container and we fill by weight.

All our packaging can be recycled and some is compostable.

Mail order packaging.

We can send your goods in recycled packaging which can include cardboard bottle wrap, corn starch fillers or bubble wrap (which has been sent to us with a delivery) and recycled, often cut down, boxes. Its not the prettiest but serves the purpose and we would ask you to reuse the bubble wrap.

Alternatively, for gifts we can send the products in a lovely cardboard box packed with tissue and ribbon.

We also use magnetic snap closing cardboard gift boxes – these are designed to be reused .

Candle glass

All our candles are in reusable drink glasses, chemistry beakers or glass jars with lids. The wicks are stuck gently so can be easily removed without breaking the glass – or bring them back for a refund if you don’t want them .


Managing waste from our suppliers can be the problem. Whilst we do nag them to send our goods in compostable packaging there is still resistance, especially around our glass suppliers. We now have to agree to accept breakages if their compostable packaging doesn’t protect enough – but it’s still worth it.