🌿Picked 5 mins ago at Pippettes Farm for 🥗 

These veg have given us salad all through the Winter with virtually no or little cover or attention. If you’re not already doing this you can - wherever you live. 🌿Plant against a sunny wall and place a pane of glass or plastic over them during the coldest times and they’ll do you proud.

No air miles, no storage, NO PESTICIDES , no irradiation and no decay and oxidation. Never cut your leaves until consuming as this increases unwanted micro-organisms and causes oxidation.

Research by Newcastle University and published in the journal of nutrition in 2014 - a peer reviewed meta analysis of 343 past international studies confirmed that ORGANIC food is better by having a higher level of anti oxidants - those chemicals that can reduce the risk of chronic disease including cardio vascular and neurodegenerative disease and eating it FRESH must be better for you. With or without the odd🐛🐌 . AND much lower or zero pesticides. 

Another study in 2018 published in the journal of exposure science and environmental epidemiology showed that the trial group eating organic veg for 2 weeks had  dramatically reduced pesticide levels in their urine compared with the control group.


By the end of April our seedlings will be outside the shop again. We’ll start with broad beans ( yum for me but not everyone loves them) some sweet peas to make things look pretty and pea shoots. .

🌿All sold on sustainable biodegradable coir pots as usual.

We’ll give freebies to all our patients and shop customers to encourage the grow your own movement.


Why not try grow to grow all your salad leaves this spring and summer? Windowsill or flower bed - let’s get down in the soil and give it some soul🌿🌿❤️

Would love to know how you grow yours 😊🌱🐛


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