Pippettes Dispensary has grown organically from a desire to simplify our lives, reconnect with nature and embrace it’s incredible ability to heal, nurture and restore the body’s balance.

With 30 years clinical experience as an Osteopath, TCM acupuncturist and Medical herbalist Elaine Everitt launched Pippettes Dispensary from her North London Clinic in 2016 making bespoke herbal cosmetics, products and medicines for her clients. Her products and their simple ethos of connecting clients with the plant that could benefit their personal wellbeing became extremely popular and the range rapidly expanded demanding it’s own identity as a retail store.

This wasn’t a new concept for Elaine as in the early 90’s she had her first dispensary store in London N8, selling Neals Yard Remedies alongside her own cosmetic range. She sold the business when she emigrated with her husband and 2 children to NZ for the simple life. They settled just north of Auckland in a run down farm they they lovingly nurtured into a biodynamic and organically managed farm following Demeter training, mentoring and inspections. Whilst this fed Elaine’s desire to connect her work with nature, it was her return to the UK in 2015 and her dissertation research into historical herbal texts and remedies that led to the re birth of these long lost remedies at Pippettes dispensaries.

The business is named after Elaine’s mother, Sylvia Pippette. Amelia, Elaine’s daughter is her partner in the business.

Pippettes Dispensary - Farm to Pharmacy.