Peppermint Leaf - Dried Herb Tea 50g

Peppermint leaf

Mentha x piperita (fol.)
Family: Lamiaceae
Traditionally used as an infusion to reduce gastric/ digestive discomfort as it relaxes smooth muscles. This ability to relax muscles can also be beneficial for menstrual cramps and any other muscle cramp such as those experienced with tension headaches. (yet whilst the tea is good for this the oil massaged into the temples and base of skull  is potentially better). The menthol (inhaled ) in a steam, drunk in tea or released by chewing fresh leaves can assist in clearing sinuses, increasing blood flow locally and having a a cooling and soothing effect to sinus inflammation and headaches. The leaves have an antimicrobial component that can help freshen breath and and help to reduce infection and inflammation.
Flavour/ profile
A cooling, fresh green brew with a minty flavour.
Blends nicely with Plantain, Holy Basil or Chamomile.
Infusion to drink: Add 1 heaped teaspoon to a mug or teapot and add  250ml boiling water. All to infuse for 5 minutes. Cover for added benefit, to inhale the aromatic oil when inhaling and drinking the tea.  
Refreshing Foot soak: As above but infuse for 15 minutes then add to bowl of warm water with epsom salts and soak feet for 10 minutes..
None known
We recommend that you consult with a healthcare practitioner prior to taking herbs; especially if you are pregnant, nursing or on medication. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

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