Customise your skincare to boost the Botanicals

Customise your skincare and add even more of what’s good for you!

We know that many of you are already using this serum as a face cream – and why not!

Hedgerow Eye and Lip Serum has a wonderful (and rather addictive!) plumping and tightening sensation which makes your skin look, feel and be healthier.

Adding a botanical or infused oil to this cream / serum is an excellent way to boost the product even further.

Hedgerow Serum works so well as the combination of herbs work synergistically:

  • Hawthorn, Rose-hip and Horse Chestnut extracts help to reduce redness, tone and support blood vessels.
  • Shea butter, Macadamia oil Pomegranate oil plus a high percentage of Hyaluronic acid moisturise and hold fluid in the epidermis (helping to fill and reduce fine lines) giving the skin a smooth, toned and tighter feeling.
  • Rose Geranium and Frankincense essential oils balance the sebum and reduce inflammation – and give it a wonderful fragrance.

It’s a rich, nourishing cream that can be used over the entire face and neck (not just around the eyes and on the lips). I recommend you combine it with our Organic Rose-hip Oil as a fantastic night cream or with Infused Frankincense Oil as a lighter day cream.

Why the addition of these oils?

We chose these as they are in the formula already, but in a different format, as an extract and an essential oil. By adding the richness of the Rosehip oil and the infusion of the Frankincense resin in an almond oil, you are really adding essential fatty acids and anti oxidants that your skin loves – without disrupting the balance.

Over the lockdown, I’ve been using it with a Gua Sha tool for extra massage, toning and circulatory benefits and am loving it. Blending with Frankincense infused oil in the morning and Rose-hip oil at night. It’s inspired me to develop our new day and night cream bases that you can blend to meet your personal needs.

Here's how:

  • Simply add one pump of Hedgerow eye and lip serum to your palm, add 2-6 drops of your preferred oil and blend with your fingers.
  • Apply to face and neck.
  • Massage gently over face, cheeks, lips, around eyes in circular smooth gliding motions, up and across the forehead and downward, passing over jaw and down the side of the neck (below ears) and then upward on the front of the neck to the chin.


To start you on this blending journey we have combined these products at a special price...


Elaine X

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