Hawthorn Berry and Leaf tincture - Pippettes Farm.

Crataegus monogyna

We use the flowers, leaves and berries - it’s such a giving bush! Our flowers are not quite ready to be drained yet.
High in antioxidant flavonoids including OCPs - a strong polyphenol- it can help improve blood flow, regulate the heart beat, reduce blood pressure and relax blood vessels - so it’s of all round assistance to our cardio-vascular systems, plus it can help to reduce inflammation, aid digestion and help to reduce and regulate bad cholesterol - LDL levels.
In skincare we use it for its tannins which tighten, and anti-inflammatory constituents which help reduce fine broken blood vessels.

Look for it in our Hedgerow Eye and Lip Serum.

N.B. education purposes only. Always consult a medical Herbalist first if you are interested in taking this herb.

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