Oat Seed Tincture - Pippettes Farm

We grow, harvest and dry the milky seeds and straw to make teas and tinctures for the clinic and our skincare.
Avena sativa is a gentle and nurturing herb; giving strength to those feeling overworked and over stressed and nourishing to those who are run down.
It improves the mood and energy. ‘Sowing your wild oats’ is evidence on how potent it can be!
In skincare, I use the tincture, dried milky oats, pressed oil and CO2 extract to reduce inflammation and encourage collagen production. 
We also use it in our Seaweed and Oat Bath Soak for inflamed skin,  ezcema & psoriasis.
NB education purposes only. Always consult a medical Herbalist first if you are interested in taking this herb.

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