Comfrey at Pippettes Farm - Symphitum officinalis

My topical ‘go-to’ favourite herb for muscle, bone and skin.
I was introduced to comfrey on our biodynamic farm in NZ several years ago. We planted it under all our fruit trees to add minerals and to pull goodness up from deeper soil levels. Fruit trees tend to have shallow roots and at dry times the comfrey helped prevent the soil drying and offered superficial goodness from the organic matter left when the leaves rotted down.
We also used it in organic teas that we prepared in huge vats to feed the plants and used this as an insect repellent on needy plants.
All these uses are repeated at Pippettes Farm but we also harvest, dry and infuse the plant and roots to make therapeutic balms and oils for joint pain, soft tissue injuries and skin disorders such as psoriasis. It’s a favourite ‘go to’ in the clinics with my patients - especially for sports injuries, tendonitis and stress fracture recovery.
Comfrey has many active constituents with Allantoin and Rosmarinic acid being the ones mostly responsible for its incredible healing actions on wounds, fractures, sprains and strains. High levels of tannins also play an important role, as do the wide range of vitamins and minerals.
It’s such an easy plant to grow. Simply plant a root cutting and welcome it into your garden. Shady, damp borders suit it well.
This humble herb is certainly in my ‘top 5 topical herbs’ - what do you like? 

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